Monday, 9 June 2014

Themes emerging

The past few weeks, I have been collecting bendy twigs from the woods.

And then doing this to them:

Some of the stick circles are for other things, but I've also made some felty pots

with the intention of doing something like this

minus the string, natch. (How long until they will stay coiled and I can cut the strings off??)

Meanwhile, still thinking sticks and nests, I found this in a charity shop:

And then this twine-wrapped ball:


And inbetween these musings with sticks and pots and felt, I've been trying to finish this:

Put it all together, it looks quite coherent! There may be hope!

Whisper it, I'm even managing to devote some time to sketchbook experiments...

But then the amazing Di Buttenshaw came to talk to our Guild and brought some incredible work. Wonderful texture, very clever felting techniques, including lots of pre-felt and cut-through bits and pieces, including stitch. A lot of feltmakers don't use a lot of stitch but Di does.

Just love that bag, with the dangly beaded yarns felted in, and the lines of that rug...

So I now have more ideas for the decoration on my felty pots, and will try a bit of inlay/cut-through - but I definitely feel that I've only ever scratched the surface of felt making. Sigh!


  1. You're gonna explode with all that's creatively going on in your head LOL!
    Love it all and if there were 36+ hours in a day, I might join you in this adventure.........I can dream!
    Looking forwar to seeing what becomes of this artful outburst, if that's the right word!
    Sandie xxx

    1. Yes, it does feel as if my head's going to pop one of these days!

  2. Oooh...a post full of gorgeousness and interesting stuff! :-)
    I love all that twigginess that's going on...and the felt bowls are beautiful.

  3. Love your work.I'm currently experimenting with hamsa hand wall hanging. The twigs on the pot I love that idea know How.long until they stay bent on.there own :)

  4. A great use for the twigs. Look forward to see where all this inspiration takes you.


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