Monday, 28 January 2013

Had to be done...

First, gather ye rubber gloves, damp fabric, cooling racks, dyes...

Then venture out into the cold to fill a plastic box with snow.

Add dyes.

Place said plastic box on patio and watch contents melt slowly over the course of three days.

Then, bring box inside and sit it on the back door mat for a further afternoon and evening of melting action:

Eventually get round to emptying the contents into the sink:

Rinse, repeat.

Leave to dry on radiator and admire:

Finally, use snow-dyed fabric to line an impromptu book cover made from teaching sample:


Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well, I'm back!

Actually, I haven't really gone anywhere - and won't be going anywhere anytime soon as I refuse to drive in snow.  A quick once round the woods with the Whippet and that's me done at the moment!

First, some catching up.

Girl finds new use for nephew's outsized stocking:

and is now big enough to decorate own gingerbread house:

(chimney slightly wonky due to roof slippage...too much G in the G&T?  Mine, not the Girl's...)

Mamgu, soft and cuddly?? 

silly hats worn by all:

and traditional wet windy cold walk on the beach to burn off some of the excesses:

Since when, I've been getting stuff ready for classes - including some rather snazzy rainbow dyeing:

with occasional diversions to make more lemon cheesecake:

(sorry, forgot to take photo before I had stuffed face with most of it....discovered recipe when needed to take quick pud to brother's house for New Year.  Dangerous stuff, as it's very very easy...)

To bring us up to date, this week I've been stitching holes and circles....

And trying the usual January decluttering.  But it's hard when I keep finding boxes of treasure like this:

Finally, today I've been staying in to watch the snow continue to fall, and have put in some work on my Big Idea.  I think I'm finally making some progress - knowing the exhibition is THIS YEAR has concentrated the mind somewhat....!!