Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thread sketching

As promised, my little stitching project inspired by Stephanie Redfern.

First, gather ye random pieces of paper and stuff:

Then, scrabble around to find sketchbook - one of the many... - and choose a suitable candidate:

Thirdly, find yet another blank sketchbook and quickly draw the main shapes and lines: 

Then, start to stick down the random bits of paper, following the "plan".  Work quickly, before the Inner Critic wakes up and asks what's going on:

Stitch all over it - by hand and machine - again, working quickly:

Don't forget the leaves and stuff:

Decide it's finished, step back and admire.

Then photograph in poor lighting, late at night...

That's better!


  1. Great to see Stephanie's article in WoW, I love her work, the more busy/darker pieces - just said that on Third Age Musing's blog as she's studying her for G&G. If my eyes stayed open I'd go off & read Maggie Ayres, fab. As for your interpretation, i'm so glad the inner critic didn't get out as your piece is wonderful, spontanious & natural.

  2. Oh, meant to say love your new header!

  3. Wow! Fabulous. Must go and check that article out... it has good teaching potential me thinks!

  4. Fantastic! Free but cohesive. My inner critic would be delighted if I'd made that...

  5. Great piece of work. Stephanie's workshop was obviously a good one.

  6. I too really like the header. Trees and all look great especially the moon.

  7. Great result! I really like the colours.

  8. I love the 'freeness' of the piece and also how the stitching comes over the edge.

  9. What a great idea for using up those bits and bobs that we all have! I love your piece and my inner critic would be very happy with it too!


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