Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Seeking Seaside

Well, we had a new tent and were itching to try it. Combined with our urgent need to get a bit of seaside, and a genuine need to get some photos and videos for my next big online course, what else to do but head to Cornwall?!

The weather was....mixed...but the pasties and icecream were just what we needed to keep the mood up. 
On our last full day, we found a very quiet part of the southern coast and walked to this beach, only accessible on foot. Perfect. 
Many videos and photos were taken, just because. I could sit and listen and watch all day, but unfortunately, we had to climb back up the cliff and find icecream. 

So that was a good day, but all in all, it was just a little stressy. Learning to pitch (and then dry) the mammoth new tent, plus a campsite owner who must have had some sort of military or headteachery background by the tone of the messages and posters plastered absolutely everywhere, we didn't really have the relaxing break we were looking for. 

So we're up for a second go. Going further south and west, taking a smaller tent that's quicker to pitch and easier to dry, and preparing properly for cold nights! Last time I ended up sleeping in double socks and a lambswool sweater - this time, I'm going to add tights and a hat.

So pray the weather gods shine upon us, and please please let us go before all the campsites and pasty shops are closed for another lockdown. Oh, and the tearooms - we made a major booboo last time and forgot to have a cream tea! I know, shocking. We will remedy if we can. 

And in case you were wondering, it's scone with an "on", and jam first.