Thursday, 24 May 2018

Heretics and Luddites

My husband is crowing. He's cockahoop. He's rejoicing. For years, he's been accused of being a Luddite* - he has an old Nokia mobile which he refuses to upgrade, he spurns social media, and the idea of having a newsletter makes him hoot with laughter. But now we're all getting our knickers in a twist about GDPR he's just sitting back and is very, very smug.

(edit: he's not a Luddite, he's a "visionary" - quote)

Admittedly, as an introvert, the idea of using social media was once hilariously ridiculous to me as well. But scroll on a few years, I probably enjoy it too much...I've also missed posting here - something which I used to do far far more frequently, back in the day.

And I've tried. I've tried to be a grown-up, I've tried to build my mailing list - like everyone says you should.

But you know what? If I am struggling to find the time to write my blog, then what the heck am I going to write in a newsletter too?!

So while pondering this whole GDPR nonsense (I'm not even going to bother explaining it, everyone and his dog is sick to death of the whole thing) I had a sudden flash of inspiration:

What if I deleted my whole mailing list? If I am worried about complying with the new rules, but also mildly and perpetually stressed at the business of writing newsletters, what if I didn't have one? I much prefer to do all my updates on social media, anyway. And this blog (which I miss - some of my old old posts make us all laugh, especially ones with the Girl when she was tiny - which she really isn't now - even this photo is four years old)

So now I'm a heretic, and I will join my husband the Luddite. I will not have a mailing list, GDPR can go hang.

For updates, please come and find me - sometimes here, mostly on Facebook, and occasionally on Twitter and Instagram (which I keep forgetting about - ditto Pinterest since I went cold turkey on it!!)