Thursday, 24 May 2018

Heretics and Luddites

My husband is crowing. He's cockahoop. He's rejoicing. For years, he's been accused of being a Luddite* - he has an old Nokia mobile which he refuses to upgrade, he spurns social media, and the idea of having a newsletter makes him hoot with laughter. But now we're all getting our knickers in a twist about GDPR he's just sitting back and is very, very smug.

(edit: he's not a Luddite, he's a "visionary" - quote)

Admittedly, as an introvert, the idea of using social media was once hilariously ridiculous to me as well. But scroll on a few years, I probably enjoy it too much...I've also missed posting here - something which I used to do far far more frequently, back in the day.

And I've tried. I've tried to be a grown-up, I've tried to build my mailing list - like everyone says you should.

But you know what? If I am struggling to find the time to write my blog, then what the heck am I going to write in a newsletter too?!

So while pondering this whole GDPR nonsense (I'm not even going to bother explaining it, everyone and his dog is sick to death of the whole thing) I had a sudden flash of inspiration:

What if I deleted my whole mailing list? If I am worried about complying with the new rules, but also mildly and perpetually stressed at the business of writing newsletters, what if I didn't have one? I much prefer to do all my updates on social media, anyway. And this blog (which I miss - some of my old old posts make us all laugh, especially ones with the Girl when she was tiny - which she really isn't now - even this photo is four years old)

So now I'm a heretic, and I will join my husband the Luddite. I will not have a mailing list, GDPR can go hang.

For updates, please come and find me - sometimes here, mostly on Facebook, and occasionally on Twitter and Instagram (which I keep forgetting about - ditto Pinterest since I went cold turkey on it!!)


  1. I get it. My mailing list is limited to our immediate area, which is outside the jurisdiction of GDPR, and I only use it to let my list of contacts know about classes I'm teaching locally or Art events in the area. I do blog, about once a month to a small group of followers, but mostly communicate on FB. My "Luddite-ism" manifests itself in my hatred of "Smart Phones" which I find to be really annoying and stupid... I will NEVER give up my land-line, and only have a mobile in case I break down between home and town. My laptop is my best electronic friend, and I won't give that up either! Just say NO to unwanted technologyF! ;-)

    1. Phew!! It seemed such a drastic idea, but instantly I knew it was the right thing to do. Thank you for confirming my decision! I too will never give up my landline - my mobile is for me, mostly to tell the time (!) or to summon help if I get lost - please don't phone me when I'm out and about!!

  2. Sorry about the "F" on the last word... my fingers tend to overachieve!

  3. I get it...although I do like it when they appear in my email unprompted. What's the best way to make them keep appearing? Or maybe I should send a carrier pigeon?

  4. Honestly, I was gurgling with laughter and cheering you on as I read this post! I, too, eye social media with a wary and sometimes uncomprehending eye - let's all be cheerful heretics and luddites (oops, visionaries!) together!

  5. I’m going to get back to blogging more often. I’m not disappearing!

  6. I totally get what you are saying... but you are braver than me deleting your list and abandoning newsletters. The stupid thing is that I'm not sure they generate much interest or work for me. So hard to let go!

    1. It feels a bit rash, but I'm sure it's for the best. This way, people can choose to find me and my wafflings - I hate the feeling of cluttering people's inboxes! I may regret it, but I'm going to give it a go.
      (I can't delete it yet anyway...Mailchimp rules, because I've just gone and sent out another email!!)

  7. This is SUCH a refreshing angle! I'm with Gina as to not being sure the mailing list generates much interest or work. I think it's because of the glut of information the internet, email and ALL the social media platforms generate. And there are so many blogs - including mine. You've given me food for thought. I applaud your insight and bravery!

  8. We have a mailing list which gets dusted down a few times a year to tell people what we are up to. We use Mailchimp. Really we should all have a privacy policy - must get round to writing one - but I haven't got too worked up over my mailing list since people can ( and do) unsubscribe.

    I should add I use FB and run pages for Mix3d Stitch, The Workshop Sale and The Vestibule @ 4 RC but am finding organic growth very difficult to achieve.

    Instgram though I love. Nearly 500 followers but I don't think it drives much traffic to things like Open Studios.

    Love my blog - it's a bit neglected and my traffic there has dropped off too. But I find the best way to get people to the blog is via Facebook. If I post the link there it sends people to the page. I don't know how many people find me via Bloglovin.

    Meanwhile, must find time to walk the hound and actually make stuff.


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