Wednesday, 11 April 2012


For AGES now - and I mean YEARS - I've wanted to sling some paint at a canvas and just see what happens.

So I did.

I had absolutely nothing to lose - the canvas was from the charity shop, and originally had a very dodgy "seascape" painted on it.  (First job was covering said seascape with white paint!)

Then I donned an art shirt, covered all surfaces, opened the tubes of acrylic and let rip:

Loving it so far!

The next photo was taken at the "I just ruined it" phase:

And this is the "I think I must be finished soon" phase:

And with a few more tweaks, I finally finished:

(The light is a bit bright in the last photo - sorry).

There was a spare canvas (dodgy sunset, duly overpainted) - so the Girl had a go too!

She calls it "Caterwauling Cats"!

And in other news, there is now FOIL in the shop!
(Just blue/green for now - shall I do gold/silver/bronze next, or pinks and purples?!)


  1. Looks great you should do some more!

  2. Looks lovely! And I'm so pleased that someone else has the "I've just ruined it" phase, I really thought it was only me.

  3. yes Lovely colours yummy .....and the cats are fun too .....x

  4. Love it at all it's stages. I keep having the urge to push paint round a canvas but I am just not brave enough!

  5. Goods grief woman! This is fab (and the cats are pretty cool too!) And after all that sketch booking too. Now I feel ever so slightly inadequate!

  6. I am in awe of your painting! You're a natural, and I hope you keep it up.

    That design would make gorgeous fabric, too. :)

  7. It's lovely and I agree about it making a gorgeous fabric!

  8. so free and exuberant, lovely. I like the cats too, especially the way she has done the markings on the tabby cat.

  9. Both would look great hanging on a wall....well done girls :-)

    I'm learning to embrace the 'I've just ruined it phase' - happens every time. I see it as a challenge now......

  10. It looks good... and I love those cats.

  11. Love the cats - thanks for commenting on my blog to keep fingers crossed - what do you think my plan is?? I am intrigued that you think you know what it is. do tell

  12. It's beautiful - doesn't look ruined to me!

  13. It looks like you enjoyed yourself!


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