Thursday 31 December 2020

Hello! Goodbye....from here

Hello! Long time no be here.

I'm just popping over here to say I'm now over there, as in here, on my website

I've done this before, move from Blogger to my website, but I found that because the blog was on my website, I started writing in a very odd way, trying to be all grown up. But I'm not really, I'm a big kid, and I want my blog to be fun to read as well as write - just like I think this one was, back in the day...

So I'm giving it another go. Come on over and say hello, have a look round the new place and have a mince pie*! It would be great to see you over there, because I'm not going to be here!  

* mince pie recipe post can be found here - with grateful thanks to my new podcast buddy, and old blogging pal!


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