Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Maybe I should rename this blog Tumbleweed?

What usually happens, is I start something and mean to blog about it, but then I start something else....and something else....and by the time I go to write a post, eleventy things have happened and the moment has passed. So I'm going to try a snapshot approach. No deep thought here just now (although there is a lot of that behind the scenes).

My desk right now:

*A woolly jumper segment too good to leave in a charity shop, rescued years ago. Not entirely sure what to do with it, might make it in to a sort of neckwarmer.

*Seascape mini bits - started in July just before holidays, not picked up again. Must get on and finish them - these will be greetings card/mini art size.

*Buttons. I've had huge fun putting together "Creativity Packs" for my Etsy shop, and I want to do more more more! So I'm keeping my eyes peeled (no difference there really) for interesting bits and bobs.

*Celtic Knots pack leftover from the summer. I just need to find a few little linen canvas blocks and write the instructions, then I can offer these on the shop too. I'm excited about that - never done kits before!

*Black velvet. You may have guessed that there's been a bit of a much-needed studio tidy-up going on, which is why I'm coming across all these random things. One thing I found was a large expanse of black velvet. I asked the good folk on my personal Facebook thing what to do with it - charity shop it or teach foil/velvet workshop, and the workshop idea won! So I will be now be teaching a workshop (locally, Fairwarp, East Sussex) on 4 February (not advertised yet - message if you want to come!). I've made one little box, and I'm working on a second. It's a few weeks before Valentines so I expect there will be a hearts theme...

And finally, behold the glory of the drawers.

I've only done the "boring" fabrics so far, but I've arranged them à la Marie Kondo - vertically. Takes SO much less room, and you can see everything you have. So yes, I think I'm good for calico and canvas for the next ten years.