Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Well, we did it.  We're still married, we're still talking to each other.  We even got it over and done with before lunch.

We went to Ikea and survived!  I was prepared to drive there all by myself, but over breakfast Mr Gonecycling made a surprise offer of company in return for my navigating skills (I am, after all, the Chief Nagivator around here....).  He kept his ipod plugged in all the way around, but swore he could still hear me whenever I asked him something, and didn't get cross once, well, maybe once, but that was on the way home when we got stuck in traffic at East Grinstead...

We even got a Viggo anglepoise desk lamp!...well, it isn't a Viggo really - that's the Whippet - but we always reckon he could be something from Ikea, and what better for a whippet than an anglepoise lamp?

Note the foil...

Which chair?  Hmmm.  Wooden chair is better height.

But I like the pink ones.  We have a spare cushion.  Done.

There's more foil here...hiding under the table.

Only two tables after all - I had a final measure before we went, and I'm glad I did - three would have been a squeeze!

And then the view from the window, over the "pond" to the back door.

So I'm all set!  Well, nearly - just need some sunshine now.  That or a heater.  It's too cold in there!  It's all insulated, but the insulation seems to be keeping the cold in.

But I think our success with the little house has messed with our heads.  It all started when I made some bread rolls for the Girl's packed lunches.  I'm not sure what happened, but they came out of the oven all pointing the same way...

They looked like little creatures, gazing up at the moon...

I thought they looked like mice

or maybe snails


Mr G thought they were more like little owls...

but the Girl reckoned they could be Whales...

Who needs a boulangerie when we've got our own zoolangerie!


  1. Are you all on the Bob Martin's with the Whippet?

  2. I LOVE your zoolangerie & I adore your straight collage & your studio is fabulous!('Specially the pink chairs with cushion & hiding foil;)'teaching' isn't it terrifying? but go you x

  3. Very impressive studio... oh so tidy (she sighs with envy). The rolls are too funny!

  4. Loved the Ikea scenario! The pictures of the rolls have started my day with a smile

  5. Fantastic studio - worth braving the big blue shed. And how could you EAT the baked beasties?!


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