Monday, 11 March 2013

A day's nashing

A day with Alison Nash on Saturday  ("My world of beads and fibres" - what's not to like?!).

And as is usual with this sort of thing, by 4pm we'd got this far: 

Oh well.  Here is a blurry close up of mine:

I've been occupied with other things since then so I haven't finished it....

The "other things" are inspired by Stephanie Redfern's article in the latest edition of Workshop on the Web.  I haven't taken the last photo of my little project yet, so I will post another time.  Suffice to say I am jolly pleased!  Thank you Stephanie!

Oh yes, some of the other things have also included tweaks to the blog - what do you reckon?  Still haven't worked out how to best display text and photos.  Today I'm experimenting with a justified formatting, something I usually may be the answer though...


  1. Nice clean new look blog.

    It's a struggle finding the right blog design I think.

    Hope you're not snowed in.

  2. I like the look of your beading, especially the big cab in the off centre - looking forward to seeing it completed. :o)

  3. Interesting and good how we all like different things. I have to justify the text otherwise I am not happy. I study buildings checking out symmetry.
    White background shows off your work well.

  4. Obviously good fun with the beading and I like the new look of your blog.


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