Saturday, 28 June 2014

Oasis of calm

This is definitely the best time of year for my little garden.

(BBQ thing is ugly, though - and I keep thinking it's a "person" doing a spot of weeding)

And this morning's rain has perked things up, made the leaves shiny again, and will hopefully be plumping up the courgettes. Yes, I know there is a dead thing in a terracotta pot, but apart from that I think it's all looking good. Even the rambling rose has made it as far as the roof of the little house, which itself is nearly completely lost in the shrubbery...the little house which is no longer pretending to be a studio, btw, and now houses Mr G's midlife crisis/desperate clinging onto youth miniature train layout.

Looking out over the garden at breakfast is my oasis of calm at the moment. Everything else is a "bit mad". For example, this is my actual studio space. 

It looks like this because I've only been at home long enough to dump stuff down, then go again. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I have, however, spent a lot of time in here this week:

The conference room full of City & Guilds work to assess and grade! Yes, bribes in cake form have been promised to the students in return for such a wonderful collection of work. Cross everything that the External Verifier thinks it's wonderful too...

Once this madness is over on Wednesday evening, some sort of normal creating and blogging service will resume. It had better do, as Art Trail is in less than a month...

Back soon!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. Good luck with all the assessments :-)

  2. The garden looks so fresh. Good luck with the Verifier.

  3. Good luck with the EV. I'm feeling very smug looking at your working space but know that mine won't stay tidy for long! Garden is looking pretty.


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