Thursday, 29 May 2014

Into gear

It's that time of year, and I can't really believe it's come round again so quickly.

My weekdays are now mostly occupied with exam invigilation. Due to the increasing numbers of students using computers, it's all slightly more complicated than just standing at the back trying not to yawn, handing out pencils, and seeing if I can blag a GCSE or two! But there are the occasional quiet moments, and I can surreptitiously jot down ideas for Art Trail.

Yes, Uckfield Art Trail is now less than two months away and I need to stir my stumps. And as always, I'm pushed for time due to the exam season! I've also got to see my ladies through and out the other side of their City and Guilds, and I don't know who's more scared, them or me! A first for us all, but I'm sure all will be well, as their work is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Anyhoo, I've made a start. I have ideas, I have scribbles, and I have started to piece fabric. 

(Sorry about the rubbish photo, it was late and dark outside!)

I can't say exactly where this is going, and it may not even make the cut, but starting is the hardest thing and so now I have!

I'm particularly inspired by nests and pods at the moment, as well as the usual leaves and spirals, and playing with wire and vessels in class the other week started to spark lots of ideas...

I went to see the hugely inspirational PRISM exhibition in London today, and on the train home I made myself write notes about what I liked, and why. I then went and bought 8 stretched canvases for new work (which I had to carry around London in my quest for a Chinese newspaper, don't ask) and yesterday I even sent the Art Trail people my Artist's Statement and the details for my CD weaving workshop.

SO now I've laid down the gauntlet by stating what I'm doing, I've nailed my inspiration, I've gathered the raw materials and today I found the motivation to get going and start making.

Oh, you mean I have to stitch something now?!


  1. wow, isn't it great to get a bit of direction into our lives & act out our plans instead of dreaming about them! You go, girl & happy stitching!

  2. What are you waiting for.....

  3. Sounds such an exciting start to things! I like that pieces fabric - so vibrant.


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