Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Victims of our own success

Been a bit quiet around here. Sorry about that!  It turns out I'm teaching another class I didn't even know about this time last week, so I'm still stuck in Sample City...

Here are some paper strips, the beginnings of the first design/stitch exercise for two classes:

and here are lots of leafy things, for the next few weeks of another class!

The fourth class is only a monthly class, otherwise I think my head would's almost like being full time and that has never been part of the plan!  We've also had a major PC failure this week, with nightmare visions of losing all my Schemes of Work, the fruits of many late hours and much paper shuffling. Luckily this afternoon we have been revived and we're back online - hooray!

But while Himself was minus PC and at a loose end, he decided to make some muffins:

Here is the last one (we didn't scoff them all, some are in the freezer for Girl's lunch boxes) but methinks he may regret showing his culinary hand...


  1. Hello? What's with the hammer? DIY pic repairs?

  2. Do I detect some flower pounding?

  3. Great samples and the flower pounding has worked really well.


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