Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beads, seeds, berries and buns

I sold some of the (no longer sticky) beads on Saturday!  Hooray.  I didn't, however, sell any of these little beaded chaps:

(hard to photograph to show the humbug shape)

which is a shame, because I liked the idea, but then again I now have a new key-ring! I hit upon the idea of making them because I found a stash of little pieces like this, left over from making books in the summer:

I added a few beads on twisted cords:

and stitched them up, but twisted, to make a humbug shape:

Maybe I should put them in the neglected etsy shop...But the thing that puts me off sorting out things for etsy? Working out how to package and post things for a reasonable sum of money...and fat things cost more to post than thin things, even if they are tiny.  How ridiculous is that?  The postage would cost more than the little humbug key-ring.

In other news, I've also been making (or rather, eating) far too many of these blackberry bakewell tarts:

I don't bother with the fiddle of arranging the berries on top, I just mix them all in.

and then of course I have to ice them (not in the recipe) otherwise I'd be lynched:

The other day I was side-tracked from my otherwise obsessive blackberry picking by thistledown, of all things...

I intend to "do something" with it, something more than "putting it in a little jar" (have you every tried to get thistledown in a jar?).  Same as I intend to "do something" with these bits:

polyester shreds from the fabric I'm preparing for class:

We're going to be playing with leaves and transfer paints, and I think the thistledown is going to feature somewhere in my autumnal layers...I think!


  1. I love the humbug keyring, shame the postage is so ridiculous. And those tarts look yummy too, I'm off to look at the recipe right now :-)

  2. Glad the beads lost their stickiness as they are lovely. What a pity about the humbugs not selling - some people have no taste! Had to laugh at the image of you trying to get thistledown into a jar.

  3. What a load of fabulous things you've been doing! It's so colorful here, & frantic & funny & I love visiting! Your humbug is sweet (hehe)silly peeps, But must we make everything flat???

  4. The humbug keyring is fabulous. Surprised they didn't sell.


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