Friday, 4 October 2013

Wonderful things

Wonderful things growing all over our vine...

A collaborative drawing exercise, to give us some inspiration for our stitching yesterday. Here are some details:

I think we all had fun!

And then onto the stitch, with added colour - paint and/or fabric scraps:

Di's birds, with fabric and stitch

Sheila's leaf sprig, with acrylic paint

Linda's birds (she almost scrapped this at one point - glad she didn't!) with fabric scraps, and watercolour pencils

Jan's flowers, painted with watercolour pencils

Kathy's leaves, with acrylic paint

Sue's bird and leaves - with paint and fabric. Sue had a hard time wrestling with a hoop she didn't like, but I think she did very well with only her second attempt ever at free machining!

And last but not at all least, Carole's bird and leaves...and caterpillar.  Beautiful!

I'm very proud of them all!


  1. The collaborative drawing exercise is a really good idea and it obviously freed everyone up as they have produced some great results.

  2. I like your drawing exercise... I do that but usually just make them scribble!

  3. I can confirm the above, Gina DOES just make us scribble! Your results look great x

  4. The drawing and stitching looks great!


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