Friday, 9 November 2012



....from the deepest darkest depths of the car storage bins under the floormats....(how long have we been back from holiday?)

Destined to become part of a Birthday Present for a Certain Poet...(and yes, he's a bit Uncertain about quite what his present is going to be...and nervous...)

On my way back from fetching felting wool to make the other part of the Birthday Present, from the Little House at the end of the garden, I found this forgotten treasure:

It came with a bonus earwig...

Meanwhile, the wool is slowly working itself into a receptacle for treasure:

(and yes, with the Birthday imminent, I'm supposed to be helping it along at the moment and not writing blog posts)

But I just had to show you this other treasure, that arrived in the post yesterday:

Just how wonderful is that?  I'm so lucky! 
Thank you Anne!

There was even bonus treasure, wrapped around the parcel:

Wonderful stuff!

And even more treasure in the afternoon, from my class:

from Ann and Tricia, working hard to perfect their organza flowers over half-term...

But of course, the biggest and best treasure of all is:

....also the naughtiest Whippet.

He's not allowed up the stairs, but this was Bonfire Night so exceptions were made....

Still naughty though!


  1. Great post Isobel....lots of interesting stuff. I'm also a pebble collector (quote from DH which he uses every time we go away..."Do we HAVE to take half the beach home with us?")
    Lovely neat whats the treasure? :-)

  2. Glad you like the brooch. Can't wait to see what happens to those lovely pebbles!

  3. Iz - hope all is well with you. Whippet X is still suffering from post 5th November fireworks. There were more tonight and he sat and quaked!

    Intrigued to know what you are going to do with all those pebbles.


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