Monday, 12 November 2012

Creativity Pod

I finished the small woolly object started last week - it is hereby named a Creativity Pod! 

I made it for Himself, for his birthday.

It opens up to reveal the pebbly treasure within:


the idea being that you then arrange the pebbles in whatever way you wish. 

It's a right-brain activity (as in right-brain thinking in pictures, left-brain thinking in words) and it's designed to (a) soothe a frazzled head that's been doing too much left-brain thinking, and (b) help with creative right-brain non-linear thinking...

I had the idea back in August when we were in Brittany, playing with pebbles on the beach...and reading this book when back at the tent.  She suggests doing something similar with coins, but I thought pebbles would be more tactile and meaningful!

This is the first of two explanations from my last few posts; the second explanation for the machine embroidery survey will be along in a day or so once I've analysed my results. The survey is still open (I can't work out how to close it....) so if you haven't taken part yet, please do!


  1. What a cute idea! I agree that pebbles are more fun than coins. Tiny little tiles might be fun, too.

  2. What a lovely present and a great idea, so tactile :-)

  3. Wonderful, perfect guy coloring, too - are you ok after working in (a lovely shade of) grey. Oh, no rudeness intended! He'll love it.

  4. Strangely appealing and beautiful! What a lovely idea.

  5. oh that made me smile, the pebble thing is lovely but what made me laugh out loud was the survey! saying you don't know how to close it! oh good, its not just me that has odd ideas but then doesn't know what to do next. Just love it.

  6. That is such an amazing idea! The pebbles are so tactile against the felt. Fabulous!


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