Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The perils of cooking when tired...

Art Trail!
Been, gone, busy, successful!
Still can't find the surface of my desk....
Found a missing tape measure and lots of reels of thread and snippets of fabric to treasure, but no wood as yet...

Hard to tidy when you have one of these

Tiredness + rushing + courgette + mandoline = emergency visit to minor injuries on Monday evening.

Have to keep it on for a week, which is just as well because I'm afraid to look...

So there won't be much stitching going on here!  My break from blogging may as well start a little early - I'll hopefully catch up with all the blog posts I've missed reading in the next few days, then I'll be back in a few weeks - with restored finger, hopefully!


  1. ouch!!

    But allows more time for whippet walking!

  2. Oh dear, poor you.ncatch up on some reading?

  3. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly.

  4. Ouch. I know that pain, and not being able to look, from bitter experience with a blander blade. I still have all my fingers and it healed quite quickly, as will yours I'm sure. It's just so flippin inconvenient isn't it. Take care!

  5. That looks so painful. At least the weather is going to let you sit outside and enjoy a well-earned rest with a good book. Hope you recover soon. Love the earrings on the previous post.

  6. You're in good company - Rick Stein did the same thing on national television!


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