Monday, 9 July 2012

The perils of multitasking

Why not just have a sit-down in a comfy chair, enjoy a glass of wine and watch a bit of Wallander on the telly?

Why not indeed?

I'll tell you why not: because so much MORE fun could be had by attempting to set up a beading-the-legs-on-chicken-brooches session on a lap-tray in front of the telly and then DROPPING the box of beads at just the WRONG moment (is there ever a right moment for dropping a selection box of beads?)

and then spending 3/4 of the programme on your knees with a dustpan and brush saying "it's OK, you carry on watching, I'll only be a minute....just got to get the ones under the armchair..."

and then spending an hour the next morning washing the dog hair and dust bunnies off the beads using a variety of sieving utensils.



  1. Oh nooooooo! I could have got down into a yoga assana & helped you pick up if I'd known.

    an interesting image a superman pose with donut! Hope it all went well x

  2. Meant to say I aDORE your legless chickens!

  3. you will laugh about it one day in the future when you are enjoying another glass of wine......

  4. At a crucial moment in our house the conversation usually runs like this ... " Shall I pause (the TV) - I can't concentrate with you fidgeting.." "No it's all right - I just dropped my needle somewhere in this chair..."
    And I love those legless chickens too.

  5. Oh no! I hate dropping beads, they're so difficult to gather up.

  6. Oh dear. At least you only missed Kenneth Branagh, not a real Wallander.

  7. Not really laughing... well not much anyway. (I'm allowed because I have done many a similar thing in the past)

  8. I've had a couple of bead spills lately, and I've used the strained method, too. And the dust pan. My favorite way to rescue fallen beads, though, is by using the vacuum hose with a sock over it. It's so quick and easy! :)

    Your chickens are adorable. <3

  9. I love these comments!

    Would be all dog hair and fluff in my house too!

    And just when you think a whippet X could start earning his keep too, by picking up dropped beads!


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