Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy as a pig in mud

At least that's what I was telling myself all last week. 

Inspired by Emma's workshop here I spent a happy few days making lots of these:

And I am truly chuffed!  Thanks Emma!
I also turned the beaky birds into leggy chicks:

(I am less chuffed with these, but win some lose some...)

But little did I know that come Saturday afternoon, the mud would be very very real....

The morning had started very well, and while the sun wasn't shining it was still dry...ish.   Dry enough for Someone to win Second Most Handsome Dog in Uckfield and the Girl to WIN Junior Handler!  Two rosettes, two bags of doggy biscuits! 

Here is the lad checking out the competition with Mum and the Girl:


Looking VERY handsome with his blue rosette:

and then being put in his place by the Girl

returning triumphant!

But then the rain started.  Just in time for me to arrive at a little village fete to promote my embroidery class, and to forget my wellies.  
 And it was only when the MUD started coldly and wetly entering my right boot through a little hole in the stitched seam that I realised there was a river running through the marquee...

Happy as a pig in mud?  Well, it was definitely mud, I was most definitely in it, and I was probably a bit piggy because I tried to console myself by spending my takings on a huge whoopie pie to stuff my face, but no, I wasn't particularly happy...not until I could get home and remove my boots and sling them in the washing machine and my feet into a hot bath.

My left foot was completely dry and clean, proving that even though they're very old and tired, my waterproof boots really are (apart from the little hole where the stitching has split the leather of the right boot when they were re-soled).  Unfortunately, much as I would recommend them, you can't get Aqualamb boots anymore as they have stopped making them.  Typical.


  1. Very beautiful earrings... and well done that whippet!

  2. I love those earrings, Iz! They remind me of some beautiful felted beads that a friend sent to me. :)

    Congratulations to both Girl and Dog on their win!

  3. Only 2nd most handsome dog! Someone was robbed!


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