Monday, 19 March 2012

Just for fun

In an attempt to redress the balance and get things back on a positive note, here is one of my favourite things of all time:

I present, the Viking song

And if you like that, the Girl loves Charles II, but her favourite is probably Cleopatra, and then there's Mr G's favourite, Richard III.  And Historical Masterchef is so much better than the real thing...

Yes, we are ever-so slightly obsessed and proud of it, and finally got to see Horrible Histories live at the weekend, twice!  First the Tudors, then the Victorians.  Not as funny as the TV programme, but probably worth the price of the tickets just to see the charge of the light brigade performed with pantomime horses.  I laughed so much I ached all over - definitely what I needed to restore my humour after last week!

Now it's time to stitch something.  Laters.

NB.  And let's not forget this...


  1. Glad that you found something to make you laugh. You are wicked providing all those links a I've only seen some of the horrible Histories programmes. Particularly like Richard III as just contemplating a project on him.

  2. Totally mad, loved the axe guitar!

    Fab bag!


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