Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cutting it fine


Getting to grips with drawing every day.  Anything.



Thursday 9am

Thursday 11am

Mr Gonecycling finally decides what he can give his Mother for her 70th birthday.

No problem.

Thursday 1pm

Thursday 6pm

Thursday 8pm

Happy Birthday Granny!  She loved it, job done.

But I'm now completely done-in.  That's all my creativity spent for this week, and both myself and Mr G are feeling rather depressed and don't really know what to do with ourselves. 

All our energies this week have gone into fighting this, which is all the more depressing because it comes hard on the heels of the threat of 1000 new houses being built on the land immediately adjoining our ancient woodland and playing fields.  And if that wasn't enough, there is an exhibition in town of proposals to tackle our "traffic problem" (surely about to be exacerbated by the building of 1000 new houses?) ludicrous suggestion is to build a flyover over the infamous River Uck

The whole thing makes us feel sick.  They're going to build on green fields, block our view to the Downs, build a flyover at the end of our little road, in a Sussex market town, and then force us into our cars to walk our dogs. 

Just to turn the screw a little more, I've also had a very depressing meeting with colleagues: our pittance of a wage for being seasonal exam invigilators is being cut by 22% as we have been put onto the same salary scale as bean-ladlers and spud-bashers and toilet-unblockers.  This is despite the majority of us being qualified teachers or very experienced school support staff.  And now there is a pay'n'contracts meeting for Adult Ed tutors next Friday.  The omens are not good. 

I'm very sorry to be gloomy, but it's been very hard to stay chipper when the blows are coming at us from all sides.  I don't think I've ever looked forward to Mothers' Day and a bottle of bubbly more than I do today! 

Have a good weekend everyone


  1. I love your drawings! Especially the French dictionary, because I've got one of those, myself.

    I think it's impossible to be cheerful all the time -- especially with such stressful things going on! Teachers are so, so important, and dreadfully undervalued.

    I hope you and Mr. G. feel better soon!

  2. It makes my day of having to listen to three consecutive games of rugby while I try to work, pale into insignificance. Hope you have a lovely day with the girls tomorrow and enjoy your bubbly.

  3. Heavens, it really is coming at you from all directions! The proposals sound awful, you've a right to be upset. Let the creation of your 10 sketchbooks, ok, one, help pull you out from under all those problems. Lovely drawings ;) x

  4. High there - a couple of years ago Gosport council proposed something similar with dogs. And they could not believe the hostility to their proposals. If enough dog walkers oppose the proposal then you may have a chance like we did. Promote the human health ("exercise with your dog" etc.)side.

    It is difficult, especially at this time of year. Picking up poo at night is all but impossible! In Paris they blast it with what I guess is dry ice and it freezes and then they pick it up easily in little motor scooters. It always amazes me that British councils don't use a similar system.

    Anyhow, pecker up! As always, loving your blog.


  5. I'm not surprised you don't feel chipper....all that stuff is infuriating. I feel angry for you. In Notts, they're constructing a new tram system thats costing billions and in the process are knocking down businesses, homes and beautiful avenues of trees near the University where my husband works. Everyone is 'up in arms' - but apparently there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. My sister is a nurse and is having a horrible time trying to cope with staff shortages, violent patients and low staff morale. The answer seems simple to us - but obviously not to the council :-(
    And guess what....we have brilliant bus services around the county.
    Sorry for the rant....keep up the excellent work in the sketchbook!


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