Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trains of thought

I've taken a lot of trains this week, and have been up to Town three times!  (I'm not sure why I called this post Trains of Thought, because it's mostly been Train Journeys spent reading Metro and the Evening Standard...)

On Monday, I had a (routine) appointment at Guys Hospital and thought I would go early and do a bit of exploring.  So I ventured off into completely new territory aka Shoreditch High Street, and was terribly pleased with myself for finding this vintage fabric shop!  It's just called The Shop and is soooper lovely, so lovely that I just didn't know what to buy.  In the end I bought two little silk scarves (will I ever be brave enough to chop them up?) and a pair of black leather "detective" gloves for the Girl...

Then on Tuesday for my second trip, me and Mr Gonecycling went to this exhibition at the British Library.  If you haven't been, you love books, and you are able to get into London - go!  And plan to spend several hours there....we spent three hours looking at it all.  If you have an iphone or ipad, there's an app available, and I think there's also lots of pics on the website....

We finally emerged blinking into the sunlight at around 3pm, and went off to Soho in search of lunch, and another of my favourite shops:

Look at all that deliciousness!  And what did I buy?  4 metres of cotton tape, and 25cm of block printed cotton...oh well!

Then on Thursday, the Girl and I went a-visiting a certain nephew/cousin, and wanted to take a present.  So at 5pm on Wednesday, we sat down and put together this little book:

He didn't try to eat it, but it's only a matter of time...

And then all these train journeys made me realise that I only have really boring bags.  And so I dug out this tote bag, made for a competition a few years ago (came 2nd, again!) and started to de-and re-construct it:

It was originally way too big, and made my shoulders ache, so it's now a lot smaller and will only have handles not straps.  I've got as far as pinching the handles from an old National Trust bag, dyeing them indigo, and pinning them in place.  And discovered that I should have used the pelmet vilene to stiffen it before sewing it all up.  Oh well.  Onwards and upwards! 


  1. Ah ha - a gal after my own heart! Berwick Street in all it's glory (though it used to be even bigger and better in the fabric sense) and Shoreditch!

    Both are in fact haunts of Son No 1 (designer son) and only last week I was cutting out jersey from The Cloth Shop. However, I must admit I don't know 'The Shop'. Next time I am in London and not slaving for him I shall pay it a wee visit.

  2. What great visits you've had - it's a while since I've been shopping like that, lovely shops! Fab little bag, keep going ;)

  3. That sounds like a good half term. Love the little zigzag book.


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