Thursday, 23 February 2012


There's been a bit too much of this lately:

and so Threadnoodle is giving up added sugar for Lent...two days in, and we're doing OK.  I can get round the knotty problem of what to feed the cake-monsters at the weekend, by making fruit cake as it's not really my "bag", I'm more a lemon drizzle/apple&almond cake/anything with icing kinda gal!

So to take my mind off the deprivation, there's been a little bit of creating:

And I mean little, this tiny book is only 5cm square!  It was a little exercise to have a go at stitching a spine and making a "proper" book, and it worked!  It's filled with random papers that were littering my desk, and covered with a picture I cut out of a newsletter at the weekend.

(I've finished my bag as well, and road-tested it today with a trip to the library.  Photos next time, if I remember - it's too busy being used to stand around for photos!).

NB I'm not alone in my Lenten deprivation: the Girl has given up Nutella, and Mr Gonecycling has given up beer&crisps. 
The dog, unfortunately, hasn't given up being stupid.  Here he is finding all the sunny spots:

and here is a particularly favourite spot, between the armchair and radiator - just right for a narrow dog!

he just stands there for hours, looking vacant....


  1. I admire you for giving up sugar for any period of time!

    Also, your dog is adorable. Do you read the blog Hyperbole And A Half? The author has a really... um... special dog who completely fails a canine intelligence test.

  2. Love the little book! And your dog is beautiful :)

  3. Ahhh...'The Dog' looks so sweet; I want to hug him :-)
    As for the sugar deprivation - you're a star. And you will be so much healthier for it. Now I really need to join you.....

  4. Meant to also say...I really like the little book.
    Looks like a successful exercise!

  5. Your little book is lovely, and your dog ia rather cute too! Good luck with giving up the sugar.

  6. I am laughing so much at the whippet... my dog will often sit in strange places looking vacant too.


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