Sunday, 26 February 2012

And another thing...

Well, two things actually:

First, another book with a stitched spine.
I made the cover first, then thought "now what?".  Probably not the best way to go about doing these things.
It's a bit floppy, I think a taped and stitched spine may have been better.  We live and learn.

Front, with my new "thing", a cable stitch tree:




I'm not sure what to do with it now!  I need to think some more about the shop as it just sort of sits there.  I may have a sale.  I need to work out how to do that.  Stay tuned...

And then there's Thing Two: tomato ketchup and mini cheddars have added sugar.  Doh!
The ketchup was an obvious one I missed, the mini cheddars I had a nagging doubt about but ate them anyway....

Oh, and I suppose the stewed blackberry and apple had quite a bit of added sugar, but my excuse is Bramleys are inedible without it and I'd made it last month after the great Freezer Meltdown Debacle which involved 11 bags of defrosted blackberries, 5kg of Bramley apples, a peeler, wrinkly fingers, a preserving pan, quite a few bags of the white stuff and a lot more new freezer bags....and no custard was involved this weekend, or icecream, only plain yoghurt.  So there.


  1. That's a rather special looking book.

  2. Adorable book! The one you posted before was cute, too -- I was so excited about your cute dog that I forgot to mention before. I'm easily distracted by puppies. :)

    I have a bloggy friend who makes books. Jennibellie has lots of tutorials -- she makes me want to add books to the list of things I make. Especially since she makes some out of old cereal boxes!

  3. I really wish I could do things like that! Beautiful book!

  4. Your 'propper' books are fabulous! I tried to do that neat stitching & it just pinched the signatures together, luckily it was one of 'mine'. You inspire me to keep trying ;) & I'll follow that link above....

    I'll have some ice cream for you, hehe ;)


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