Saturday, 31 March 2012

I made a sparkly thing...

I actually made something!  I even finished it in a day! 

The Girl was home from school, overcome following a a family first the previous day: my very own child was selected to represent the school in a sports team!  She played netball for three hours in the blazing sun, and by the time she came home she had more than a touch of sunstroke.   So with the Girl needing an adult presence but nevertheless remaining in bed for most of the day, there was no dog walking for me but lots of time to stitch. 

So I made a bookcover with my sparkly experimental fabric.

Here is the back:

And here is the inside flap:

I was going to bind the edges, but it was only when I was "nearly there" that I realised I shouldn't have folded the ends in if I wanted to bind all the way round.  It's also a bit "quilty" and soft, so I have a nagging feeling that it looks a bit like an old lady's toiletries bag...

But still, I made something in a day!


  1. It's beautiful! Not like an old lady bag at all. I promise. :)

  2. I think it's lovely and nothing like an old lady's sponge bag. Really. Hope the sunstroke has gone now.

  3. So what's wrong with an old ladies sponge bag, I've got one of those? ;)
    Beautiful sparkly stuff anyway, yup, always satin stitch the ends before you turn them in as I found out in the w/s I gave making a style of book cover similar to yours. Love your pretty leaf & beautiful petroly blue foil. I got a gold roll similar size of the blue one middle of pic in your last post. & so much esier to use the 'special' glue than bits of bonaweb!

  4. Lovely piece - and thanks for following my journaling blog. I hope you enjoy what you see and read.

  5. That was quick and it looks nothing like anyone's toiletries bag. It's lovely

  6. OH I love sparkly ........x


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