Sunday, 1 May 2011


I've been doing a lot of this recently:

And it tends to fry my brain (doesn't take much).  Saying that, I've only smashed three beads and broken one needle, and haven't sewn through my finger once.  Yet.

But it is a bit dull and I've been easily distracted, but because this is the final realisation of an idea I had months ago for a competition and the closing date is next Saturday, I've had to crack on and get it done. 

And suddenly I've found all sorts of other interests.

Digging over the garden; creating a new design for the vegetable beds; buying and planting plants; nurturing my peas and beans in their toilet tube pots; researching woad and weld and madder and wondering if there's room to grow some; researching dyeing with a fermented 5 litre pot of urine and deciding that I quite like procion dyes after all; baking ginger cakes to take to friends; moving furniture and resolving the problem of what fits where; researching foods poisonous to whippets and what to do if they eat them; writing a scheme of work for the coming term's teaching; stitching yet more teaching samples; knots and how to tie them; plants and the folklore thereof; where to put the rhubarb plant because it's not happy where it is; sorting through old photos found by chance on a visit up into the loft to look for something else; what does the dress look like; oh my goodness look at all those trees inside Westminster Abbey I think they should stay there.....

And so on.

I just hope it all comes together by Saturday.  Me and my ideas.

Back to it.  Only another 10 metres or so to go...


  1. wow, you get the medal for procrastination! Help me here, are you cording previously beaded thread?! I havn't mastered free machine zigzagging - less dangerous with the foot on. & WHAT needs 10 mtrs of anything!!!!?

    great link to the wedding pics - i didn't see much of the before & after.

  2. Why does this all sound so familiar... oops better get back to work!

  3. I only just noticed when I posted the link to the dress that I know one of the ladies that embroidered the lace - I did my City & Guilds machine embroidery with her. She's quite good with a needle and thread!


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