Sunday, 8 May 2011


Here 'tis then:

The theme for our EG branch President's Challenge was "water". 
So I made a waterfall. 

I was going to make a shower, but  I couldn't find the appropriate hardware...the people in Homebase just didn't understand....

 It's hard to photograph without getting the wheelie bins in the frame.

and here is a photo of a bandaged finger, finishing off the top bit:

And no, the needle doesn't go through your finger if you leave it in the wrong place at the wrong time, the needle just snaps in half.  I won't be trying it again to check.  Don't want to see another beaded cord for quite some time thank you very much.

I won't know what our President thinks of it until June: fingers (and plasters) crossed!


  1. The work is very cool and creative,,

  2. It's lovely, and I bet it moves beautifully in the breeze too. Hope your finger recovers soon.

  3. Thank you, Su - finger now out of plaster!

  4. Ouch! Been there and done that! Your waterfall looks lovely.

  5. Oh, WOW, it's gorgeous! Well worth the injury, I can just imagine the sparkles! Thanks for your kind words ;)

  6. That's so pretty, hope your finger is recovered ;)


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