Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bowled over

'scuse the pun.

Big one. 
Wool tops inside (with beads) and paper outside; free machining; water sol.

Showing outside of big one.

Little one. 
Paper outside and in, with extra paper stuck on the bottom as an afterthought.  Wish I hadn't thought it, but oh well.  Beads, free machining, water sol.

Inside of little one.

Little one inside big one.

What a busy week.  Lots of exams, another teaching sesh, a visit to Prism (where I found and rescued a little lost soul known as Mandy, created by Gina - thank you!). 

I've also made a little canvas, same colour scheme as the bowls.  Pic later.  And because yesterday was an Inset day, the Girl and I made a lookalike Mandy aka button babe - with green hair (pic later, also) - to give to Granny, who is coming to supper tonight.  Girl has an attention span of a gnat, so this was a struggle, and my asparagus quiche is beeping at me from the oven.  Must go!


  1. Wow! Stunning bowls. No other word but "wow". :)

  2. Love the bowls, particularly impressive profile of the big one.

  3. These are lovely, they bring the sea to mind :) I'd love to have a go at making some textile bowls one day.

  4. Lovely bowls (why does that sound vaguely rude?) and thank you for rescuing Mandy!

  5. Gorgeous! Particularly like the edge of the littly. One day...


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