Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plans and pressure

I did this quickly last night, and finished it this morning, just to trial an idea. 
It started life as one of the pieces of fabric paper that were causing some stuckness  a few weeks ago.
I think I've invented a new easy way to applique snippets of fabric, so I'm quite excited about that. 
And I like that I stitched some leaves, and I love leaves. 
And I haven't tried to do yet another unsuccessful landscape.  

I had a meeting on Monday to decide what (and if) I was teaching next academic year.  I'm doing the 30 week course again, and as a bonus I've wangled an extra two-day course in May 2012: I want to do something more "messy" and that kind of thing can only really be done on a day course, not in a few hours on a Wednesday evening. 

As I was leaving, thinking that I had over a year to plan something suitably messy and interesting, the powers-that-be suddenly decided that I may as well do the two-day course THIS year.  So no pressure.

I will probably do fabric paper (or is it paper fabric?), and we can make little book covers.  With cords.  And maybe some beads.  I love beads....and cords...

So what was a vague idea now has to be put down on paper and handed in by the end of the week...
and I need to see if my vague idea will actually work...which means that I have to glue things and stitch things as if I was a beginner, with no interesting threads or fabrics, no real idea of what I'm trying to achieve, and no "extras" that I can just go and get from another part of the house...and the students have to come with nothing and go home with "something"...and I have to cost it all out and think of everything we may possibly need. 
Like, now.


  1. Wow, youre moving so fast I can hardly keep up!
    Love the section you cut from the landscape - it works, doesn't it?

    Fancy meeting Fan your flame! It's funny, I do it too, there are 'big' blog peeps & normal ones, but really, we're all the same....I think ;)

    Love fabric paper - I sat down & made it thanks to Beryl Taylor but reaIise that I've seen it elsewhere, like a QA article by Julia Capara. Wonder where it came from 1st, way back?

    Your peice is fabulous! Sit down with a friend to plan your class - mine let me use her as a guinypig to plan my w/s.

  2. That looks lovely Iz. I'd like to come and learn how to do it (I've got a thing about leaves too... ask Jude!)I was a bit gobsmacked by Emma's comment above... (Hi Emma)... I'm just a normal blog peep too... honest!

  3. I'm asking my students tonight what they want to do on the new course - I need to recruit them all if it's going to run, so they may as help design it!

  4. I love it - the transparancy and colours are gorgeous.

  5. Such a beautiful little piece in its own right.


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