Friday, 11 February 2011


I had a free morning.
I ordered a veg box, planned the meals for the coming week and ordered the groceries.
I baked some bread (and didn't follow my own directions, opting to try the hot baking sheet method - nice bread, shame about the teatowel).
I Googled no knead bread, trying to find a way to stop the dough sticking to the teatowel.  Flour and more flour is the answer.
Then what.  Do some embroidery...something for me....
I finished a beaded cord to wrap around my chicken wire chimney.  Wasn't sure I liked it. 
Someone phoned to talk to me about the Art Trail in July.  I think I'm signed up.  Better do something then.... what?
So I emptied a box file and found all these things.  And hadn't got a clue what to do next.

I quite like these, made on holiday last year:

and I don't suppose they need anything else doing to them.
I'm not sure what I can do with these pieces of muslin/collage/tissue but I like them:

The pink bit along the bottom is left over from a bookcover I made from the same stuff. I painted the collage with acrylic wax then stitched all over it with free machining and fancy pants automatic stitches. Shame it was over year ago.

At least there's an obvious colour theme, and it all looks quite nice on my table.

But now what?
I honestly haven't a clue.

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  1. Not sure I can suggest anything but they do look pretty together!

  2. Thank you anyway! Today was a little better, I did a seascape with one of the pieces of paper-fabric-collagey stuff. Always a seascape...I'm a bit like Wallander's Dad, but without a grouse.


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