Friday, 8 May 2020

Swirls of Colour

Phew, thank goodness it's Friday. I've been stitching like a mad thing this week, and all the while videoing the proceedings. My room is a tip and I'm tired. But I think I'm nearly there!

I've been wittering on about sorting out an online course for so long now, but I think I'm within touching distance.

Yes, I still need to edit all the video and work out where and how I'm going to host the course, and recruit people to test it and then promote it and all of that, but for now - I'm pleased.

If you'd like to be one of the brave people to try it out, please let me know! You can sign up to my newsletter and tick the Swirls box to make sure you're on the list.


  1. I'm hosting my videos on Vimeo; my husband's are on PeerTube. So there are plenty of possibilities! A course is such a big thing to put together - good to know you are close to finishing!

  2. Ooh, interesting! Is yours a paid course? I’ve got the free Vimeo account for now, with a few videos stashed there. I’m hedging until I decide the best thing to do!

    1. Not a course at all - just "Slow TV" embroidery, with occasional witterings from me!

  3. I have followed you for years. I would love to be considered to test your online course


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