Monday, 13 April 2020

Will you be in my gang?

At nearly 50 years old I never thought I'd be saying that. As a child I was a watcher from the sidelines, only getting involved when I felt safe. I had absolutely no ambition to be a leader myself!

Even now, I find it hard to talk about myself and my work, especially when there are so many talented people out there doing wonderful things. Being online and showing our work takes courage, as every time we potentially risk personal ridicule and rejection. This is a very primal fear, and as a species we generally avoid putting ourselves in such a situation.

I started my Facebook group Threadnoodlers as a chance for my "audience" (even that word makes me feel uncomfortable and exposed!) to have their chance to share, and inspire and be inspired by others - mostly to take the spotlight off me! I am absolutely not unique with what I can do with a sewing machine and a bit of fabric: we all have talents and skills and interests, they will not be the same, but they are equally valid and important.

I am no more talented because I have a Facebook page or a blog or Instagram; I just decided to do it one day a few years ago. I post sporadically, procrastinate nearly all the time, and have regular moments of feeling entirely inadequate. It's hard to let go of the fear about whether what I do is useful or interesting to anyone - but my job is just to do it, and give other people the opportunity to decide for themselves.

Similarly, creating a Facebook group is just something I decided to do one day, to allow other people to get involved and to share. It's not a place for me to be clever and for people to follow along, hanging on my every word; it's a place for everybody to get involved equally and share what they have to offer to others. We're all in this together, and we're all stuck at home so now seemed like the perfect time!

So please join us - pop along to my Facebook page, give me a like there, and join the group. There are three questions to answer when you sign up (they're not hard!) and please indicate that you agree to the rules (they are very obvious rules about playing nicely).

See you there - in my gang!

My own little gang: our family on our first "theme night" to liven up our evenings while we're in lockdown. No, I can't really explain this one...


  1. Yep, in your gang (but not doing much (yet) )
    Stay safe


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