Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hello, Stranger

Said my blog to me...

I've started a "proper" grown-up blog on my website.

But I was perusing this one today, looking for photos of bits and pieces that I need for a talk on Friday...and I thought "Hello, old friend" and my blog said "Hello, Stranger". I can't really believe I started writing this blog so long ago - 2010! And the Girl was oh so wee! She isn't now; she's nearly as tall as me. Nearly. And 16 years old in a few weeks. 16!! Not 9 anymore!!

I digress (it may be a while since I've written anything here, but you can tell my writing style hasn't moved on). I have so many different things to say, on many different subjects. Most of what I'm doing day-to-day is on my Facebook page. But that's not the same as having a waffle on here about procrastination and cake and whippets. And I don't think the new shiny grown-up blog is the place for that either.

So while I gather my thoughts, here are some pictures of things. These are bits and pieces that were started many moons ago, most as samples for class or just play. They have then been stored in various folders and pockets over the years (as you do). I have now cut them up, rearranged them, added bits, and made 50 cards - which I have delivered to Ramster Hall for the biennial embroidery exhibition. The exhibition is on from this Friday 10 March until Sunday 26 March; full details on the website.


  1. I have missed you here and confess to not having checked your grown up bog( I don't do grown up very well) but I will rectify that. And I need to reply to your long email too... I'm thinking a chat over a cuppa at an exhibition might be easier! Good luck with Ramster!

  2. What lovely colours! Going over to look at the Grown Up Blog too...

  3. Haha, you're almost as bad as me, I'm just back too ;) must be the spring in the air. Inspired use of all those pieces of work - will look up your new blog soon x

  4. Lovely to see you back here waffling on about whippets and flapjacks and all those other important things in life!

  5. Ahhh missed you !
    (but I've been busy with other things so I'm quite late here ...)


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