Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Many Things

I have many different things going on - a lot of them in my head but a lot of them are on a Master To Do List.

Something that's been on the list and in the diary since June last year is a course at the Weald and Downland Museum on making books, birthday present from the bro. Fantastic stuff. I've made little books before, including with Gina, but it was good to try something different yet again: I've never had the patience (or the clever little table-top stool thing, cradle thing) to make a book with ribbons, so this weekend I did. Hurrah.

So that's something ticked off the list, off the diary. Unfortunately, Make More Books Because I'm Now Obsessed has now added itself to my Master To Do List of Projects Started and Things I Want To Do.

These are things that I absolutely MUST do, and apart from the DIY one that's sneaked onto the list, I actually WANT to do all of them - they are good things to do. The list is currently running at:

1. Delve into the baskets beneath my desk and pull out the clothes/old shirts that I was going to alter and actually do it, and make dresses with fabric/patterns bought previously...ahem...several years ago

2. Finish online course started on Play Therapy

3. Finish online course started on Coaching

4. Continue language revision/learning - French, German - using various means including apps such as Memrise and Lingvist. I've also just discovered Gabriel Wyner of Fluent Forever who has also written a book and blah blah etc - basically, there are so many things to investigate! All so interesting! But I never get round to doing any of it!!! I want to add Danish to the list of things to learn - too much? Don't answer.

5. Read various ebooks on language learning

6. Read various ebooks acquired over the last few years on all manner of things, including Food/Recipes and Creativity. And Procrastination. Yup, probably a few unread books about procrastination lurking on my Kindle app. Irony.

7. Empty the compost bin and bung a load on the raspberries and rhubarb, then restart the Bokashi system (halted temporarily because the compost bin is FULL).

8. Decorate the stairwell - paint the walls, but also - sigh - strip, sand and repaint the banisters.

9. Finish the Do What You Love for Life course started in January. I came to a grinding halt when it asked me to consider all things to do with "money". I'm not good at confronting that one.

10. Start and finish online course on WordPress

11. After WordPress course, completely overhaul my website

12. Meanwhile, at least update the gallery section of my website; hopelessly out of date

13. Start and finish online course in NLP

14. Start to firm up ideas for ebooks, PDF tutorials and online courses that I have had for ages

15. Be More Consistent - with blogging, Facebook page, Etsy shop and so on.

16. Make More Books

17. Obsessively search charity shops for interesting second-hand books and papers to Make More Books.

18. Find another 30 hours in the day.


  1. If you find the trick to No.18, you'll have the money question licked as well!

  2. Wow! Glad I'm not the only one with lots of online courses still to get on with! Best if luck with your list!

    1. Thank you! I'm nosy, what are you planning to learn?

  3. Oh dear! I would find confronting that list so daunting, I would bin it, take a deep breath and have a loooong think about what makes me truly happy; what makes me contented, stimulated and fulfilled and make a new list, much shorter - which makes me smile, and definitely not stressed.

    1. But what if the answer is "all of the list"?! I'm not unhappy or stressed by the list, I'm actually looking forward to doing all of it - I just don't know when or how!

  4. 30 hours in the day and get by with no sleep! That's on my master list!

  5. Oh - and what's that cradle thing you referred to?

    1. It wasn't anything fancy, just a mini table thing that sat in front of us on the bench, about 8" or 9" high. The book block sits on top of it, with the spine aligned with the front edge for stitching. The ribbons are draped underneath and over (and are flopped this way and that as you stitch over them). A heavy weight is used to hold the book block in place while the top pages are open and perpendicular so you can stitch them into place along their spine. The "table thing" means that you can stitch at a comfortable height - having the book block on the table would mean crouching down to see where to stitch, but just holding it up and not weighting it down flat on a surface would result in a wonky wobbly spine. For the book and yourself!

    2. Other fancier devices are available that hold the ribbons/strings up. That's what I thought you needed to do that sort of binding, but no, just need a "table thing".

  6. We seem to have a very similar to do list. Add to mine... Organise a day out with Isobel and Jude!


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