Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bun overload

This week, I have mostly been baking.

Making things for Easter. 

Simnel muffins (also known round here as muffins of death since the incident with the Whippet, three muffins and the V.E.T on a previous Easter Sunday) - and the usual bread, as per this recipe here

I make this bread at least once a week - well, Mr G makes the dough in the evening, and I shape and bake in the morning. We always make two small ones - one to eat and one to freeze. You can make one large loaf, but I find it unwieldy. A small loaf is just right for making Mr G's cheese sandwiches, giving the Girl her daily Nutella fix, and for me to have the first end slice of fresh crust with salty butter.

Yes, they are different sizes - the first batch were large muffins as per original recipe, and the second batch were fairy cake size - a bit more manageable to eat (although some would argue that the large ones are perfectly do-able) and twice as many for the same effort!

I also made HCBs

and none of that flour and water glue nonsense here, proper pastry crosses thank you very much.

I hasten to add, a lot of this is for the freezer! I'm having a bit of a holiday next week, and so this is me getting ahead.

As well as the baking, I've been working on making some little sketchbooks (inspired by the books at the show last week). Hopefully they'll be bursting with work to show you when I next check in - ha! - watch this space! (Is that self-doubt, or do I just know myself too well?!)


  1. Iz, Iz, Iz - you make me smile! Pop a simnel muffin in the post to me, there's a love! H xxxxxxxxx

  2. Blimey girl, you've been busy! I've been a very lazy blogger and reader for the last few weeks so I'm catching up. Love the potato sack frock, I get my embroider sack dress back from our Spectrum exhibition today so I suppose I'm gonna have to wear it at some point. Oh while we were watching a screen of images at the EG AGM last weekend (how very grown up, I've never done AGM before!) we saw your beautiful piece of work - one of my favourites. I suppose I'd better get on and do something to write about now x

  3. Oh my... simnel muffins... you really shouldn't do this to me you know! Like the whippet I think I could easily eat three!


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