Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pods and stuff

I said in the last post that "they" were breeding...

I've been meaning to create more of these ever since I made Mr G his "creativity pod" back in November.  Only taken me seven months...

Stitching the cords in place.  That cut edge looks a bit woolly...

desperate attempt to rescue the thin patches...the trouble with felt balls is you can't tell how many layers of wool you've put on until it's too late and you discover you didn't do enough...

approx tennis ball size 

and a slightly bigger one...

and an even bigger one.   This is what they look like if you open them out.


I then moved on to mini amulets - again, something I've been meaning to do more of ever since the "anti-ageing amulet", also back in November.  Here are some beaded ends:

I love them all hanging up together like this.

And finally, here is a bit of a foiling project using my favourite new toy:

Destined to become book panels and cards.  I've just started another "slab" but this time I haven't marked the individual panels, I've done it as one big random pattern, which I will chop up when I've foiled and stitched it all.  I've marked the back with the panels to make this easier.  I've no idea if it will work, but it's too late now...

This weekend we're finding out who the town's most talented performers are. Ridiculously, I've had my arm twisted into taking part with the choir - I was hoping to duck out, but there are only two other second sopranos able to go so I have nobly volunteered.  I think you can listen to it live online but I wouldn't necessarily recommend you do - and I probably shouldn't say that!  I'm just cross about having to go because I'm then pushed for time to prep for my stand at Fairwarp summer fete on Saturday to promote the machine embroidery classes, and then it's less than a week until Art Trail.  Yikes!!! 

Next post, if there is one next week, will be very short and may not have any words.  I predict a few late-nighters in my very near future...


  1. I can just see the foil as a lovely book cover. The amulets are gorgeous and the pods are scrumptious!

  2. Lovely pods and foiling. I'm sure the more random one will work as this type of piece always looks so good when cut up into smaller pieces.

  3. What lovely things you're creating Iz! I really like the pods...they have great potential (thinking different colours and decorations...)x

  4. Reading the next blog( ha, that'll keep you on your toes) am I correct in thinking that the sari strips are used for the amulets?

    And I love the foiled velvet panels.


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