Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Let the tidying begin. Or not...

First though, here is the craziness of last week in pictures (but not including the train'n'tram trip to the Big Blue scandinavian emporium of white picture frames and the "interesting" journey home again with three Big Blue Bags in a heat wave...)

Stitching a new sort of doodle on a piece of embellished felt

Foiling a huge piece of painted Bondaweb and felt, ready for sari silk strips. Note that the kitchen worktop is not man enough for the job, so I've now moved onto the dining room table ...

Stitching said huge piece of foiled sari silk strips.  

The complete Slater, put to good use sticking down my book covers.

Sari silk bead production line

Picture/gift bag production line

The beginnings of a big foiled bit of velvet (the random one I mentioned last time)

Now with foil

and now with stitch

to be turned into book covers, a bit like this one (sorry for bad pic).  Glad I did these, turned out to be popular!  I also did a demo of this technique on the stand, and lots of people came to watch, even the "serious" oil/acrylic painting types over the way!

My lovely huge corner stand at Art Trail.  Boy, was there Much Faffing, I've never taken so long to put up a display before.  Pleased with my sticks!

But just LOOK what I woke up to on Sunday.  It's Tuesday evening and I still can't face it!  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow...


  1. What an eye candy post. Your stand looks great. I do hope that the humidity is not too much to stop you tacking the aftermath.

  2. What a stunning post - so many gorgeous projects to drool over! I love the foiled sari strip piece. x Jo

  3. So much fantastic work, and in all that heat too! Wonderful what a deadline can do ;-)

  4. Wonderful work - I love the foiled pieces. And soooo brave to visit the blue place in the heat. Good luck with the tidying!

  5. Fabulous images. I adore the colours of that foiled velvet. Good luck with the tidying - rather you than me!!


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