Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunny experiments

A strange glowing orb has appeared in the sky the last few days and I've become slightly obsessed about being out in the garden soaking up the warmth!  So on Sunday, what better to do than a spot of sun printing.  Never done any before, but had the paint lurking around for a while...

I wasn't sure whether to use glass to hold the bits in place, or not.  The only glass I had to hand had tape around the edges. 

Regretted the tape in the end.  And I lost one pane of glass, as everything underneath was a bit steamy.  Thought I'd do a comparison.  The above is with glass, and this is without:

And this is the whole thing, masking tape lines and all:

In other news, I've been noodling away on a collage.  The background was put together last weekend, and I finished it today.  I think.  When to stop noodling?

And the Girl has been inspired by the dry weather, and created a bit of a primitive art gallery on the patio...

love that one with the spear...

she didn't like this one, so after a dousing with the watering can, this notice appeared:


  1. lovely work and great stitching

  2. Laughing with the girl here!

  3. Sun printing is fun, pity we can't do it more in this country. I hold small light items down with a pin so no need for glass. Lovely collage,

  4. I love the sun printing, tape lines & all! I think I must have used a pin, too, or waited for a wind free day - not many of those up here, lots of sunny ones tho;)(just not right now!)Beautiful collage, you could go on forever but it looks lovely to me - I adore your straggly edges!

    Fab patio art ;)

  5. Well now I've not even heard of sun printing - it looks really effective. Good to see your Girl joining in with her very own exhibition! Jane x

  6. Your sun printing is beautiful...and I LOVE the collage! The prehistoric painting is rather special too :-) x


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