Monday, 29 April 2013

Some things that make me happy

This cherry and marzipan cake:

We all love it.  It's got marzipan in it.  It's helping us get through our plum jam surplus.  It's easy to make.  What's not to like?!

Sorting my fabrics.  I could do this all day...

Browsing a car-boot for more lovely fabrics and beads to cut up and sort.  Again, I could spend a lot of time doing this.  I realised that I hadn't been to a car-boot at all before yesterday morning.  I've been to similar things in France, people with trestle tables of random stuff that you can haggle over (if you're feeling brave and your language skills are up to it...)  Usually I'm not allowed to go to them.  There's probably a good reason...

And I'm sorry about the photos of half-eaten food, but we all enjoyed last night's dinner so much I had to take photos before it disappeared.  Leftover cauliflower curry with added chicken bits, and homemade naan bread.  Went overboard with the onion seeds because I love them.

And easy banoffee puddings - homemade digestives for the base (thank you Waitrose magazine), a goodly dollop of Bonne Maman confiture du lait (thank you France), bananas and whipped cream.  

I'll leave you digesting that little lot, and say that I may not be around for a while.  We're having a bit of a family internet holiday in an attempt to (a) give respite to Mr G who looks at a screen all day (b) get me to do a bit of work instead of blogging about my dinner and searching for more recipes to make more lovely things for dinner etc (c) get the Girl some focus and stop her rotting her brain playing computer games...

See you all soon!


  1. I'll miss you while you're on your break. Come back soon!

  2. oh I could spend all day sorting fabrics or buying more too! And I've never been to a car boot either, probably also for a good reason!

  3. I was distracted by the cherry and almond cake... come back soon.

  4. oh scrumpcious, the food & the fabric. I used to love carboots, 100 boots to trawl thru up here there may be ....6 or so ;) Better for the purse tho!

    Have a great net holiday!

  5. I'm MUCH happier sorting fabric than cooking, but I'm very tempted by the cherry and marzipan cake. When you return from your Internet holiday, any chance of a link or a pointer to the recipe, please?. Have searched Internet but haven't found one that looks similar, thanks x

  6. Cherry and marzipan cake - my two most favourite things! I'll add my 4 penn'orth to the pleas for a link or a recipe when you're back! I'm banned from carboots... :o( Nuff said!

  7. Love this post Iz......and I LOVE the look of that cake! I agree with Vintagerockchick, please link us with the recipe when you get back. X


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