Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'tis the season

to be busy...

but not as busy as previous years. 
What have I missed?  Why the blasé attitude? Yes, I still have to make an enormous Christmas stocking for the youngest nephew, to match the one for his cousin made this time last year and yes I still have lots of presents to order or go find and yes I still have ideas for stitched presents noodling around in my head that I haven't even begun to bring into reality yet...

Maybe it's just because it's been a busy term, and now I've only got one class left to teach, I've wound down so much I've come to a standstill!

Either way, I haven't been doing what I should have been doing, I've been doing this:

cutting up lots of colour copies to make these:

signatures for a hand-made sketchbook:

with painted pages, copies (colour and b&w) and tracing paper.
Quite pleased with this frosty effect:

I'm working myself up to some major pieces of work (!  Sounds so grand!  If only I can pull it off!) for an exhibition next year.  So I'm not really procrastinating, I'm making a start. 

I've actually been attempting to make a start since about October, but don't tell anyone.

I've been using ideas from this book by Sandra Meech.  And it hasn't felt like procrastinating, as I haven't really enjoyed the process's been a bit painful, so I must be on to something...

And finally, talking of painful.  Got in a tantrum the other evening because I never have "time to do what I want to do" but then having carved out some time, of course I didn't know what it was that I wanted to do.  So in desperation I got out my boxes of rejects and offcuts, and made a collage.  Hmph. 

So there.


  1. Love your collage, fantastic colours and a heart shape as well. The pages look great too. I have not seen that book so had a look on you know where beginning with A.

  2. You can never go wrong with a heart, I can just see you having a little hissy fit ;) I had a look above too.... I was pleasantly exhausted, SM seems to have given a years worth of college study in just 2 preview pages, I need a lie down before I look again - it must mean she has a very good point, keep smiling & think on!

  3. The sketch books sound fascinating - I love a good sketchbook.

    And do tell us more about the exhibition. Where, when, what???

  4. This all sounds so familiar... except I'm not doing any any 'major' work!!!

  5. The pages look fantastic as does the collage. Good luck with the work for the exhibition.


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