Saturday, 22 December 2012

Last gasp

Having survived beyond 11.11am yesterday, I think I'm about done in now...

This week I:

* sang until my lungs nearly burst at our choir's Christmas concert - but apparently we "nailed" the last note of "NOEL!!!" so it was worth it just for that!

* stuffed my face with sticky toffee cupcakes 

* made an enormous Christmas stocking that my nephew could probably sleep inside (although I've heard he doesn't sleep...)

* sang my heart out again at Church carols

* been overawed and stunned and brought to tears by the Girl and other students (and staff) at the school carol service

* made a shoal of you do...or as I do....

(pattern from this magazine)

* nobly walked the whippet throught the rain (well, most days...)

* had a haircut

* constructed a new wallet for Himself - to be finished this evening (?!) or at some time during the journey between here and wettest westest long as Himself keeps his eyes on the motorway and doesn't try and sneek a peek.  And yes, he will be driving - slipstitching bias binding and negotiating the M4 don't really mix well.

Here is the unfinished wallet, with its very plain outside:

And not so plain inside (excuse pics, taken after dark...)

* cleaned the house

* made plans and preparations for the great Gingerbread House barn-raising, to take place on Christmas Eve.  We decided against prefabricating the walls and roof as we didn't think they'd travel well and that the flaked almond roof tiles would probably fall off.  They do anyway, even without being transported.  So that's the first job for when we arrive at Mother's (well, after a cup of tea)

* Not stopped.  Until now.

So here's wishing everyone - (especially new followers!!) - a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you in the New Year!!


  1. I love all the things you've been making, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

  2. I've SO got to make one of those fabulous potholders for the Middlest to go along with his pot & pan request! Wonderful ;) Have a great time! x

  3. You certainly have been busy and deserve to have a wonderful Christmas. I adore the shoal of potholders.

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas Isobel. And well done on getting the potholders done... they look fantastic!

  5. Iz - you're superwoman!!!

    Love the shoal of potholders! What nifty little gifts.

    H and Whippet X


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