Saturday, 16 June 2012

We did a Bad Thing...

I made a cake for the cake stall at the summer "fayre".
I used all the really naughty ingredients, like white flour and white sugar...
No vegetables were harmed in the making of said cake,
not a wholegrain to be seen.
I even sandwiched the cake with butter cream and blueberry jam.

Let's face it, this cake looked good. 
Naughty but good, a cake enigma.

Reader, we ate it:

There were some mumblings about maybe taking it to school with a "sold" label on it, giving them the money and bringing it straight back home....

But why go to all the trouble? 
Just have a few rounds of tombola and lucky dip, buy an icecream,
and let's just keep this very fine cake at home where it clearly belongs...


  1. Don't think I would have been able to part with that cake either.

  2. And you have fessed up on your blog, so your conscience is now clear.

  3. Too good to part with - and you did everyone a favour eating all those BAD ingredients ;)

  4. Mmm looks deliciously scrumpcious! Just catching up here, love the wrap around needle felted cuff. I'm off to Edinbro next week for the Graduation so hope to pop into Drummonds for some more needles.

  5. Good on you deserved to stay with you .....x

  6. I would have kept it too!


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