Saturday, 23 June 2012

Chasing my tail

Trying to do everything - now.
Wishing I hadn't left everything until the last minute.
As usual.

A scarf for Art Trail
That is too scratchy to wear and so has now been chopped up...

Some unfinished cuffs

The usual rummaging around wondering if a reject is cut up it could be salvaged?

Maybe a stick would help? 

 And the obligatory embellishing session in lieu of housework.

As usual, it's a case of do as I say not as I do and my students have triumphed.  Just have a look at these!

Jane H


Carole (work in progress)

and Caroline - and Caroline has only just started machine embroidery three classes ago!  What a superstar.

Why the hurry to do everything?  Why the running out of time?  Surely Art Trail is at the end of July? 
Ah yes, but the Girl is going to France on a school trip next week.....methinks her parents aren't going to be kicking their heels around an empty house all week wondering whether to pull her curtains or not and wondering why it's so quiet and echoey, and they may go and enjoy a little holiday of their own...after all, they've not been on holiday without child for ELEVEN YEARS. 

Just don't tell the Girl.  As long as we're back to meet her ferry on Friday we're good....

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  1. Have a great holiday. I'm sure everthing will come together for the art trail, things wouldn't be normal without a last minute panic would they?!


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