Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Order reigns

Well, if you've been following this blog since the beginning and believe that you'll believe anything.

But for now, it does.

My husband walked in with a cup of coffee for me and nearly staggered backwards with disbelief - "I can see your desk!!!"

Yes, behold the desk and its vast emptiness

And the vacant acres of worktop*

More to the point, ADMIRE the wonderfully ordered fabric drawers in their magnificence. Took flippin' ages that did! Soooo boring but I'm seriously chuffed to bits.

I should now make some headway on the massive to-do list, but I don't want to make it messy 😉

*There was also some major rejigging of the baskets and shelves above my worktop and desk - a lot of things were "utility" e.g. large envelopes, terracotta flower pot for the poker pen etc i.e.things I don't need on hand. They were "weighing me down" being there, but I still need them. Also, said Husband wanted access to the fuse box the other day, so he could do a spot of DIY (and that almost never happens) and the fuse box is behind the baskets....so I took the opportunity to rejig things. It's been like playing "stash" solitaire - moving one heap of things to a blank space, to create order elsewhere. But I've DONE IT!!! Chuffed. Recommend it, good for the soul!!

As a result of all this, I have opened an extra Etsy shop. There's nothing in it at the moment, but there will be, including a few textile books and other goodies. Watch this space!


  1. Oh, well done, you! One of these days I am hoping to have a studio to reorganise...!

  2. I'm impressed! I thought might was relatively organised until last week. Cue some frantic last minute projects and now it's back to square one. I'm beginning to reign myself to it always being like this!

  3. I'm in chaos. To do list included tidy studio after thrashing it with all the hard work leading up to winter sales. But since the sales I have ground to a holt. And then it got very cold and as my studio is a conservatory I was not very inclined to go in there. Of how I dream of having a cosy studio. And a tidy one. With drawers. But living in rented property which means that there is always a level,of uncertainty means that I always make do with a somewhat temporary get up. One day I will have a lovely cosy garden studio ( or studio off the house) all nice and tidy. Ha - what a lovely fantasy! And must think about an Etsy shop. I've got stock I need to shift. Glad whippet is on the mend. Xxx


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