Friday, 25 October 2013

Mad but good

Another mad week!

First up, I survived the bike ride - even though I was the only one with flat bars, and didn't have little wet weather booties unlike some people.  Five women, two blokes - and it was the men who had the "mechanicals" with one puncture, and one £10,000 bike that wouldn't shift gears and then jammed completely....yup, you read that right: £10,000...and no, that wasn't his bike!!

Home in time for a coffee and some banana & walnut cake, and a spot of paper-painting ready for yet more samples:

and some playing with granite stitch

('tis a bit blurry, sorry....)

Then this week in the evening classes we finished our first piece, playing with all the automatic patterns on our machines:

and started to get to grips with free machining:

and using our workbooks:

and on Thursday we were printing and stitching our leaves (still!)

Today I met Alison aka Fibre Frenzi at the local Spinners Weavers Dyers exhibition.  Couldn't miss her stand, it was so colourful:

and I treated myself to some wild and woolly gloves, to wear when typing blog posts in the cold winter evenings...

Time for a holiday, hello half-term!


  1. How lovely! You met Fibre Frenzy!!! I think that is so lovely and think I need a pair of those gloves!!

  2. So glad you survived the bike ride! The leaf work all looks great.

  3. Greta that you survived the bike ride. Expensive is obviously not necessarily the best :)

    Love the gloves and your students' work. Enjoy half term.

  4. Thanks so much for lovely pics and comments . Love reading your blog x

  5. Glad the bike ride was a success. I'll get back to you on the dates this week... Half Term is catch up week for me!

  6. It all looks very interesting! (And now I need to look up granite stitch :-)
    Impressed with the cycling....and envious of the gloves. I want some!!!!!


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