Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sticky beads

Hmm, not sure about these beads.  

They are sticky and a bit time-consuming to make, take ages to dry, and I'm terrified of washing Paverpol down the sink and blocking up all our pipes...

BUT they are a fantastic way to use up lots of different bits and pieces, and funnily enough I have quite a lot of bits and pieces - and a slowly growing collection of weatherproof beads!  

I'm just a bit frustrated because "other people" seem to be able to spend a happy hour or two making beads and end up with hundreds, not five.  How do you do yours?!


  1. I usually use painted tyvek, either on its own or in combination with some sheer fabrics, or maybe wrapped with coloured wires. But that's because I enjoy using the heat gun.

  2. Painted tyvek with machine wrapped beaded wire. But yours do sound like a good idea for using up various scraps


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