Monday, 5 November 2012

Question time

I've got a little idea noodling around the ol' noggin, and I've put together a little quiz to try and do a bit more investigating.  I've never done a survey before, it's quite exciting!

I would be really grateful if you could take the time to answer just 10 questions.  There's always the option to say "don't know"!

And please forward the link on to anyone you know who does machine embroidery - beginner or pro, dabbler or demon stitcher. 

Thank you!

NB: When I say "machine embroidery" I'm not talking about those pre-programmed digitised designs that you can stitch onto sweatshirts and stuff - I'm talking "free-machining", variations thereof, and other related decorative and creative ways to stitch with a standard sewing machine.


  1. Have done the survey. Are you going to share some of the information?

  2. Me too. Hope you get enough takers to make it worthwhile.

  3. Will be interesting to see the results (I've given you my two peneth!) Just want to say this is my third attempt at word verification... if this doesn't work I'm giving up!!!

  4. Have done it, although my solutions are probably not the correct ones! Interested to see the results, especially as Gina did it (I nearly wrote 'watch the Gina Ferrari DVD as one answer, glad I didn't now!)

  5. have done mine. yes - thanks to Gina for my knowledge so far about machine embroidery! would be very interested to see the results.

  6. yes have done the survey ...what is it for ?......x


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