Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rummaging through the archive

Mr G went out today, and the Girl and I were left alone in the house to amuse ourselves.
Sometimes, when Mr G is out, I have the urge to move the furniture around.  Mr G hates change, so I always have to wait until he's out before I can get to work.

With the advent of dark evenings and cold weather, I've recently revived plans to install a large hot woodburning device in our three-bed chimney-less semi-detached.  Primarily this has involved drawing little scale paper cutouts of our living room furniture and playing around with different arrangements on graph paper, trying to get everything to fit.  It has also involved emptying the "booze shelf" under the stairs to shine a torch into the ceiling void, to investigate the run of heating pipes...

But while considering the living room furniture, it occurred to me that certain things could be put to better use.  So I set to - emptied the blanket box in the living room, took miscellaneous things to the charity shop, and then re-filled the box with all my teaching stuff. 

Having created space in the office by removing the boxes of teaching stuff, I then discovered that there was room for another desk - for me.  Because you can't have too many desks....And so then I had to rummage in the back of the garage behind all the "spare" bikes for the desk top I knew I had, and the legs to go with same....

Quite a restrained day by my standards, no wardrobes were involved.

Then I spent the rest of the day sorting through all manner of stuff to create some space on the shelves above my new desk. 

And I found these:

We shall never know if the witch and her cat were reunited...

and finally,

A scary and uncanny likeness!

Happy Halloween everyone.

Not that we see just what we post on our front door, have a look at Mr G again:

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